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Let us present our new innovative Alchimex Vacuum Coffee Machine, which works with a high vacuum of -0.8 bar. With the help of a vacuum pump it is designed primarily for specialty coffee.

Due to the non-oxidation of coffee during the extraction process, the coffee has a broader and higher taste profile. The whole product is innovatively designed. The use of the coffee machine is simple; the connection of the vacuum is based on the principle of neodymium magnets, as well as the simple control of the vacuum flow by means of a button.

The volume of coffee prepared in this way in vacuum is given by a maximum of 0.5 l. The moisture separator, which is an integral part of the coffee machine, prevents overflow.

The filter container is made of food-grade plastic, is detachable, easy to wash and can withstand washing in a dishwasher. The assembly includes a disc in a seal with a support against its deformation. The lower part of the filter assembly is equipped with rings for easy operation and disassembly of the assembly. The vacuum flask has an elegant handle for easy operation.

The design is based on oak wood and stainless steel components, which creates a pleasant addition to gastronomic establishment or households.

Vacuum Drip is free of any coffee grounds in the drink thanks to the Aero press filter disc that we produce ourselves with a hole diameter of 0.125mm.

Even drinking of the coffee prepared in this way eliminated migraines in a family member. We would like to confirm this fact in a clinical study.

They wrote about us and our prototype years ago in the Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine:

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Weight 9.5 Kg

Voltage 230V

Dimensions 45* 22.5 * 26 cm

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Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 9.5 kg

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