Digital Tamper Light Traffic

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A digital temper with light effect.

Innovative digital tamper guarantees a maximum quality espresso. It´s a smart solution for baristas in training and for standardising espresso in cafés. When reaching the pressure of 15kg the light change color light. 15 Red, 20 green and 25 and more blue. These indicators help baristas achieve the best results and customers will certainly appreciate this when having a lovely cup of coffee.



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 Technical features:

The lower part of the base is pushing on the upper part while tamping. The strain gauge scanning the pressure is placed in the upper part. Both parts are divided by a food ring and they are held together by magnet.

Down pressure – the mechanism movement at 15-25 kg is only 0.017mm

Handle – special LED plastic to distribute the light

Base – food stainless steel of  53-58.6mm diameter

Feeding - 12V batter

Additional parameters

Category: Tampers
Weight: 0.45 kg

Traffic light digital tamper