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Knock Box Beech Wood 12*19*11cm


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(Fagus sylvatica)

Core: medium yellowish-brown colour


The Knock Box is an innovative and practical item that was designed specifically for coffee enthusiasts and professional baristas. It is a product for simple and efficient emptying of the coffee brewing basket (knocking basket) when preparing espresso. Its main purpose is to provide a simple and clean solution for removing log from the portafilter.
Main features:
1. Quality material: Knock Box is made of durable and light material, which is easy to clean thanks to the removable gastro container, which is embedded in the lacquered beech tetrahedron. This guarantees a long product life.
2. Efficient design: With a compact and ergonomic design, the Knock Box is easy to use. It has a solid base with four non-slip "legs" to ensure stability during use.
3. Removal of coffee grounds: Knock Box enables easy removal of used coffee grounds. After extracting the espresso, just tap the stick inside the gastro container to easily release the residue inside. This way you keep your work surface clean.
4. Easy maintenance: The Knock Box can be easily emptied and cleaned. Just pour it into the trash can and rinse under running water. Then let it dry or wipe it with a dry cloth.
5. Stylish and practical accessory: The Knock Box is not only functional but also a stylish addition to your coffee station.
6. Usage: The Knock Box is suitable for professional coffee shops, home baristas and anyone who prepares espresso and wants to enjoy a cleaner and more convenient process. Its simplicity and efficiency make it easy to handle the preparation of espresso.

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