Special Offer Set of Hard Style Tamper Wenge Ø58.4-58.6mm + Tamper Holder Wenge

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The basic type of handle is the Classic. Thanks to its universal design it fits everyone´s hand. The tamper base is made of stainless steel with crafted wood handle. Suitable for all standard coffee machines. You can choose your base size below.

Hand made in the Czech Republic.

Tamper Stainless Steel Base Ø58.4-58.6mm with Wenge Wood Handle + Tamper Holder Wenge


Wenge Wood

(Milletia laurentii)

Native range: Central Africa

Core: yellowish brown to deep reddish brown with thin brownish pink streaks.

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Our story

It all started with barista competitions, where I won a tamper in one latte art jam. I considered tamper an absolutely essential tool of the barista and so one day I got motivated to make my own set. I bought a wooden stick and a timber and went to see a friend who had a machine. He machined 32 bases and handles for me and cursed that he had messed up the machine with a wood splinter and hoped I wouldn't show up again, but I came back; and came back again and again. My friends from the coffee roasters I gave tampers to, said yes, they are great, make us series, we will be happy for quality Czech tampers. My friend lent me the money and I launched into it. Thanks to roasters and a friend, I grew up right away in Heavy Tamper Ltd. which, with the help of my wife, (with whom we own Titan Bartender Tools company), is sending our tampers around the world today through our online store, eBay or Amazon. We are sponsors of barista competitions and we support the barista world. We are currently realizing patents to improve the world of premium coffee. Thank you and thanks for your support by buying our tampers. We return it by innovations in the bar and coffee world. The development of every gadget or a new product is sometimes an aged process, a lot of disappointment and lot of joy. Anyway - he who makes no mistakes, makes nothing.

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