Sharpening/Titanium Burrs

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Do you want titanium burrs, but new ones are expensive?

Then send me your old burrs (flat or conical) at address:

Radek Moutayrek 

Komunardů 1608/20

Praha 7

170 00 

Czech Republic

Sharpened stones have better function than stones from mass production. They do not heat up so much when grinding coffee and the ground coffee is of better quality. Production time is 5 weeks.

The price includes sharpening, titanium coating and shipping to your destination. 


Detailed information

Conical - Ø32-Ø83mm
Flat - Ø60-Ø64mm
Flat - Ø75-92mm
Flat - Ø98mm
Flat - Ø120mm
Flat - Ø140mm
Flat - Ø180mm

Product detailed description

About Titanium 

Innovation, Exclusivity, Durability

Since there is globally growing demand for high-end, posh barista tools that not only meet the high demands on design but also have unique usability qualities, the Heavy Tamper company came up with completely innovative way of barware coating technology using  golden titanium.

Such titanium coated products have unmatched, outstanding attributes compared to usual conventional bar tools: they are extremely resistant as the titanium nitride surface does not corrode nor oxidize, it is extremely lightweight yet strong and it maintains optimum temperature of beverages. Titanium coated bartender tools are highly resistant against any mechanical and chemical damage and offer high usability and durability (virtually unlimited „service“ life) while maintaining the desired attractive design, which is incomparable with conventional gold plating. 

Main benefits of our titanium barware include e.g. three times higher damage resistance comparing to conventional stainless steel utensils, heat-resistance at 650 °C (at least), excellent insulating qualities that maintain optimum temperature during cocktail making and absolute hygienic harmlessness. Titanium bartender tools are also dishwasher safe. 

Exclusivity of our titanium coated bar tools goes together with its high utility value and can be definitely considered as prestigious alternative to conventional barista products.