PUSH TAMPER ∅58,4/∅58,6mm/COFFEE DISTRIBUTOR ∅58,4/∅58,6mm Oak Wood


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Heavy push tamper/coffee distributor with combination of stainless steel and aluminium body ∅58.4 or 58.6mm. The base is with M30*1mm thread (very special one allowing to adjust the tool the most precisely) and wooden handle Oak. It is our premium product that´s been innovated for many years.

The set includes silicone bracelets with the Heavy Tamper logo for better grip during hard work.

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Push Tamper/Distributor ∅58,6/ ∅58,6
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Push Tamper/Distributor ∅58,4/ ∅58,4
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Product detailed description

Thanks to the combination of metals we went from 1100g to 700g. 



(Quercus robur)

Core: medium yellowish-brown colour