Mechanic Tamper

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Mechanic Tamper


Mechanic temper is an innovative tool working on the piston mechanism basis. It is designed for demanding baristas who prefer to tamp coffee at the accuracy of up to 1 kg down pressure that can be performed repeatedly.


The pressure can be set and regulated between 15-50 kg.


When tamping the coffee a light installed in the transparent plastic starts to shine. Customers will be impressed by the perfection of your performance as well as by the glittering instrument.


Technical features:


Down pressure – the mechanism movement at 15-20 kg is just 0.5-1 mm


Handle – special LED plastic to distribute the light




Base – food stainless steel at diameter of 49-58.6 convex, other diameters to be ordered.


Oro titanium base also available.


Weight – 570g


Feeding - 12V battery


Regulation setting between 15-50Kg

Category: Precision tampers
Weight: 570 kg